Style Crush: Julia Stone

Photo credit: Flickr user Visions of Domino

I’m a big admirer of Angus and Julia Stone, a sibling duo from Australia that makes beautiful music. I’ve also got a style crush on Julia, who rocks a sort of hippie/prairie-girl look. In videos and on stage, she wears long and full dresses and skirts that appear vintage or vintage-inspired, with folds of fabric that move like ripples when she sways or twirls around. When I saw them perform in Los Angeles last year, it was a black dress with sheer sleeves that was belted with what looked like a red scarf—and she was barefooted on the stage. Depending on her look, I see a flower child from the ’60s or a rural country girl who’s time-traveled here from the 19th century American West, or maybe from the French countryside. (Here I’ll admit that my knowledge of the 19th Century country style comes largely from a childhood love of “Little House on the Prairie”—oh, how I loved the adventures of Laura and Mary Ingalls in their cotton, calico-printed dresses…) Stone always manages to appear fresh in her old-fashioned garments, which might have been designed for comfort and wear but look lovely enough to wear in front of an audience of adoring fans. I often feel lost in full skirts or dresses, even when I belt them, but I think I’m inspired enough to try to make it work with a denim jacket and strappy sandals or boots (depending on the season).

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