This & That: She Sells Seashells


This & That (& Green): New finds or old favorites I’m loving right now—vintage or second-hand items, plus beauty products and other goods made responsibly with better-for-you, non-toxic ingredients.

While winter in Los Angeles is mild and often lovely, it’s been grey and rainy and I’m longing for summer and leisurely beach days.

Vintage seashell book: A recent gift from my love.

Shell ring and earrings: Both were purchased from a local thrift shop ($3 for the ring, $1 for the earrings!).

Bronzer: My go-to bronzer is Alima Pure’s Maracaibo. Just a swipe across my cheeks and I feel kissed by the sun.

Tinted lip balms: I try every naturally tinted lip balm that’s out there and I’m currently loving the super-creamy and sweet HibisKiss lip balms by Crazy Rumors. Pictured, Sunset and Coral.

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