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Stef McDonald is a writer/editor whose wide-ranging work experience includes editing the TV Guide crossword puzzle, writing op-eds for environmental campaigns, and creating a website for surfer girls. As a writer for newspapers, national magazines, travel books, consumer websites, and nonprofits, she has filled a portfolio with stories on the arts, fashion, beauty, food, health, sports, green living and the environment. After starting her career in print, Stef shifted her focus to the web, where she has worked as an online editor and content manager for magazines, small businesses, startups, and nonprofits. In addition to writing and editing content, she has worked on website launches, strategic communications plans, content and social media management, and branding. Her Los Angeles-based communications business specializes in one-time or long-term assignments for nonprofit organizations and do-good businesses: writing and editing, communications plans, content creation and management, and social media posting.

Twitter: @Stefaniamcd | Instagram: @Stefaniamcd

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