Writing & Editing
Creating Content
Engaging Communities
Telling Stories

Stef McDonald‘s Los Angeles-based business supports the communications efforts of nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Writing, Editing and Creating Content

Services include writing, editing, designing/creating:

  • Website copy
  • Newsletters (print and email)
  • Blog posts and essays
  • Social media posts, stories and discussions
  • Marketing materials, including fliers
  • Fundraising appeals
  • Resource guides
  • Internal communications, including reports and presentations
  • Educational materials
  • Op-eds
  • Press releases/media alerts

Online Communications/Social Media Strategy

Communications consultant services include:

  • Creating customized social media plans and posting calendars for where, what, and how often you should post and engage
  • Writing or editing text for social media posts
  • Creating images for social media posts
  • Getting you started on social media
  • Providing instruction manuals for posting to social media accounts and engaging with audiences
  • Creating social media toolkits for campaigns, programs, projects, or events
  • Creating content, including blog posts, features, and images to share with your audience
  • Creating email marketing plans and email templates to communicate with and engage audiences
  • Writing or editing email newsletters


Past and current clients include Climate Resolve; Earth Day Network; HAPI Foundation; Nature for All; NAMI California; NAMI Westside Los Angeles; One Spirit Wellness; Starlight Children’s Foundation


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