Nature’s Inspiration: Pink Jasmine

The jasmine is blooming on the porch and I get to breathe in the rich and sweet blossoms before leaving for work in the morning and when coming home at the end of the day. I love the deep pink buds that hold the delicate white flowers. It’s like the pink of my don’t-leave-home-without-it lip gloss, Jane Iredale’s Cosmo PureGloss. So when I find myself having to refrain from gobbling up the flowers because they smell so good, I put on a little gloss and dab on some of Aftelier’s jasmine solid perfume, another makeup bag staple that comes with me wherever I go.

Flowers: Throw and Grow ‘Em

Three cheers for a friend’s blossoming venture: Flower Bomber. You can buy a package of 20 flower bombs–ping pong ball-sized balls of wildflower seeds and organic compost–on Etsy (we’re both members of Team EcoEtsy). Then, fire away! The idea is to throw and grow them in vacant lots or other places that could use some pretty flowers; you can read the manifesto of the Green Guerrilla on the blog. So far, I’ve put one of the seed balls in a clay pot and am already seeing some sprouts (pictured). The rest will be distributed this weekend in less obvious spots.