Thanksgiving: Farmers’ Market Pics

Photos taken at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite day to go: always crowded and full of people picking out fresh produce for their Thanksgiving feasts. I love to overhear conversations with shoppers and vendors talking about what they’re making and sharing tips and wishes for a good holiday. The “go organic or go home” apple vendor from Paso Robles gave me the tip a few years ago to use some Pink Lady apples with Granny Smith ones when making apple pie.

I Love NY Street Shots: Photos of NY Windows After September 11

I remember walking around New York in the days following September 11, 2001. Those who were there can attest to the sense of comaraderie. Storefronts in my neighborhood showed their love of NY and America with displays. A few of these are above; this was before we all had digital cameras and smartphone cameras and I took shots with my pocket camera using film, not sure what I would get.

Love and Good Food

“Food is love” was something my grandmother liked to say (before, after, or during meals). I think she would have liked this message as well. Photo taken at Oscar’s Cerveteca in Venice Beach, CA.

Carmageddon Weekend Detour: Smurfs?

It’s Carmageddon weekend in Los Angeles–two days of planned road work on the 405 freeway that prompted the city (and media) to go into full panic mode. So when I saw these sign posters from the distance yesterday, I thought, What? Another road closure? No, just a promotion for the upcoming Smurfs movie.