Kiss Cookies, Two Ways

When I was growing up and made these peanut blossom cookies with my mom during the holiday season, we always used milk chocolate kisses–our only choice at the time. Now, dark chocolate kisses are available and, while it’s dark chocolate or bust for me, some family members and friends have let me know they prefer the old-fashioned milk chocolate kisses. Make both and everyone’s happy. (Recipe for the peanut butter kiss cookies here.)

Crafty: Book and T-Shirt Holiday Wreath

After crafting a recycled Christmas tree using pages from “Vogue” magazine, I decided to make a paper wreath for the front door. I used pages from an old paperback that was falling apart (“Brideshead Revisited” by Evelyn Waugh), and simply taped the cut leaves to a cardboard base. The idea for this was borrowed (and I cannot locate the blog I landed on that showed a wreath like this); my own personal detail was to add a bow made from an old T-shirt. Voila.