Skateboard Bag Holder

I love a bar that has a hook for a lady to hang her handbag. At the Venice Beach Ale House, they have recycled skateboard wheels. Here’s my vintage Coach hobo (a recent thrift store find).

Style Souvenir: Strawberry Bag

New regular feature I’ll be posting about style souvenirs…

This is Maggie from Venice, whom I encountered on a sunny Saturday, wearing a whimsical wool strawberry bag. When I complimented her on the bag, she thanked me and added, “I got it in Indonesia, at a strawberry farm.”

NY State of Mind

In response to the news, I’ve found myself in a New York State of mind. This morning, just when the coffee was kicking in, I packed my lunch in my I Heart NY tote bag and put on a Ramones T-shirt—without deliberately thinking about making any kind of I Love NY fashion statement. It was when I started humming Billy Joel’s ode to the great empire state that I noticed my choices. Good live version of “New York State of Mind” here.