Peace, Goodwill and a Linus Blanket for Everyone

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” aired on TV last night and I got pulled in once again. Linus is my favorite of the “Peanuts” gang characters for being sweet, wise, and a good friend to Charlie Brown. In the special, he is the scene-stealer, literally taking the stage and standing in the spotlight to explain to Charlie Brown and their friends what Christmas is all about. He does this — as he does everything — with his beloved blue blanket. Couldn’t we all use a little blue blanket? For my grown-up self, I think a soft blue-as-the-sky scarf might just do the trick.

This With That: Scarf on Bag

I never tire of my Goyard bag, but I frequently employ the scarf-tied-to-the-handle trick for some added flair. Though I never try to match a scarf to a bag, I like how the pattern on this thrift store scarf has a similar hand-drawn affect.