Getty Visit Part 2: Winged Shoes

Another impressive statue at the Getty Villa: Roman god Mercury (Greek god Hermes), who is shown wearing wings strapped to his ankles and a flower on his sole (because the messenger could travel so fast his feet didn’t touch the ground). In other words: the coolest sandals ever. As a former track runner, I’m fond of the winged foot as a symbol. I also happen to be a devotee of the sandal, especially the flip-flop. My collection more than tripled when I moved to LA and I’m continually tempted by new styles. Seeing Mercury in the Getty garden definitely got me thinking. I’ve got a few sandals in the gladiator style—but none with wings. I’m not necessarily looking for shoes to give me god-like speed or abilities, but I do like the style and would have loved to find a pair of winged sandals in the gift shop. No such luck, and a quick web search for sandals with wings was also fruitless. Close as I could get: flip-flops with a cute wing print and a pair by K. Jacques St. Tropez with a winged thong design. Although a pair like Mercury’s isn’t at all practical for mere mortals, simply adding a sole would be enough. I’d be sold.

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