Earthquake Survival Bags

As I type this, the top headline on the L.A. Times website reads, “Ho, hum, another not-the-Big-One” (funny, considering the fact that the L.A. Times was offline for several minutes following the quake—I went to the NY Times website to find out info on the quake in the minutes that followed the rumbling.) Today’s earthquake measured 5.4—that’s big for me. I’m from NY, where hurricanes are the big natural disasters, but the good thing about hurricanes is that they never sneak up on you. I was at the office when today’s quake hit and I was relieved when my chair and desk stopped shaking. At home, I have an emergency bag that I packed soon after experiencing my first earthquake (a 4-something a few years ago). Water, transistor radio, batteries, vitamins, tissues, toothpaste and floss, canned goods and can opener, nuts, some cash. I know there’s more I should pack in it and consulted some online sites today. But I stopped reading when I saw DROP, COVER, AND HOLD ON! on the Red Cross site (caps are theirs). At the office and in my car, I have nothing. So now I’m thinking it could be good to have a bag packed and stored in the back seat or trunk of my car. Perhaps this should be an excuse to purchase a cool tote bag for such a purpose. Hmmm. (No, it’s not necessary to have a reason to add a new bag to my collection, but justification is always good.) Certainly an LL Bean Boat and Tote bag would work; it’s timelessly stylish and sturdy and the colors I’ve selected here are neutral. I have also recently been obsessing over Rebecca Minkoff’s new Wine & Bread tote, with outside pockets for the wine and bread. Think about it: that’s a good place to start….

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