Crazy Beach Discovery

Only in Venice? How to explain the fact that a deceased seal (or sea lion?) was dressed in clothes on the shore at Venice breakwater today? Hmmmm. We saw a lifeguard vehicle race across the sand with its siren on and we spotted several police cars parked near Windward. By the rocks, three yellow lifeguard vehicles were parked on the sand and surfers, joggers, and bikers were gathered by the graffiti wall to see what the fuss was about. This did not look good. Then the officers stopped on their way back to their cars to tell us what they found, explaining that it was a prank (and not the first time they’ve been victim to a prank like this). Obviously, we were all relieved to find out that no person was hurt, but the discovery that a seal was dressed in pants and a shirt left us perplexed. Who would take the time to find clothing for–and actually dress–a dead mammal?

Now, I cannot resist this: Here is Seal singing “Crazy.”

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