No-Shop Retail Activism

I’ve gone a month without shopping and have found it to be easier than expected. My college roommate gave up chocolate every Lent, then would pig out on it on Easter and the days that followed, so I assumed I’d be ready for on all-out shopping spree at the end of my time. Oh, there have been serious temptations, but I’m not desperate to run out and buy anything. Instead, I’m ready to revise my no-shop rule. I’m going to continue to shy away from new and don’t-need purchases. (Oooh, I want that! Hold on, do I really need it?) I’ll recycle my closet and get rid of something before acquiring something else, trading in unwanted pieces at my local vintage and consignment shops or on eBay. For straight shopping, I’ll support Etsy and other indie sellers (homemade rules!), and I’ll make eco-friendly and good-cause purchases, like this tote from Housing Works, a nonprofit in NY I’m proud to have worked with. And just because: I’ll dig into a big box of chocolates on Sunday to mark the end of Lent.

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