Scrunchie Attack

I saw the first sign that scrunchies might make a comeback last summer, when a vendor sold them on Ocean Front Walk in Venice. I didn’t really believe it. Then American Apparel started selling the hair accessory and there was no question that the scrunchie would be coming soon to a ponytail near you. I have no nostalgic pull to go out and get one. Some ’80s styles worked for me in the ’80s but won’t work for me now. Skinny jeans and leggings? Yes. Acid-washed skinny jeans and neon leggings? No. Faded and torn denim and Chuck Taylor sneakers? For sure! Shoulder pads and scrunchies? Hell no. Last night, at an event at a hair salon, I spotted the scrunchie in use (even better: a polka-dotted one). I was standing with a group of stylish women when it was spotted and I felt a little like my ’80s teen self as we all gawked and whispered and then giggled as I took this photo.

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