Coachella Style #1: Prints

Going to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival is all about the music for me. I’m both proud and embarrassed to say that I ran into a friend and said, “Hi, no time for chit-chat, I gotta go across the field to see the next band!” When I saw another friend who came in for a hug, I said, “Sorry, too hot to hug! Let’s skip that.” (Okay, maybe I’m not so social when it comes to my rock and roll.) I saw dozens of acts and crossed the field often, but I also managed to amuse myself during trips from stage to stage by looking for fun fashions. It’s definitely a challenge to be stylish during the daytime in the desert and I’ve learned that you can choose the most sensible wardrobe choices and still sweat your buns off in 100-plus temperatures under a blazing sun. Remarkably, tons of stylish girls managed to dress to impress. I brought along my pocket digital camera and snapped a few shots (not Sartorialist-style because I took my photos passerby-style). Here, a woman in a pretty aqua caftan-robe-dress with skull print (she walked away from me before I could see it from the front and I didn’t notice the skulls on first glance). The other is wearing a dress with a bird print and coordinating feather hair clip (I like the bird and feather combination).