Here Comes the Sunscreen

My loved ones in NY are promised some sunshine after nearly a month’s worth of rainy and grey days. Here in LA, June gloom appears to be lifting. Yep, here comes the sun!

That means lathering up. I won’t leave the house without protection from the sun: SPF in my lotion for my face, a hat and sunglasses in my bag, and a tube of sunscreen for use if the rest of me might be exposed to sun’s rays. Concern for health is certainly a factor but it’s also vanity–keeping those wrinkles and sunspots away.

The sunscreen I use is not from Coppertone or Banana Boat and it’s not from those other companies that claim to be “natural” when they pack their products with the same harmful ingredients. Products from so many well-known brands are made with chemicals linked to cancer, organ system toxicity, endocrine disruption, and more. Even worse: the products don’t prove to be as effective as the company claims. Potentially harmful and not very useful? Not what I’m looking for in a sunscreen (or any skincare product).

I’m happy paying a bit more on alternative options that provide safe protection from the sun’s rays and give me peace of mind–and finding one that fits this bill is easy by consulting the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” site, which ranks products that have been independently tested for safety. The best ranked product happens to be my favorite: the SPF30 tube from Soleo Organics, which contains zinc oxide (the same white stuff found on the noses of lifeguards everywhere).

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