Love Tennis: Style for a Fan

I didn’t pay much attention to tennis until becoming mesmerized while watching Roger Federer win a match a few years ago–just when he was taking root as the best in the game–and now I am a full-blown fan of the sport. Federer was defeated yesterday in a stunning loss to a new guy on the scene, Juan Martin del Potro from Argentina. Following the match, I heard an NPR commentator note Del Potro’s fierce forehand and make mention of his black muscle shirt. I was amused by the comment about the shirt but, among sports, tennis is arguably the most stylish.

The game’s male ambassador for fashion is Federer, who always looks dashing and had a part in designing a line of clothing for Nike. I went to the Nike site and found that the sleeveless shirt Del Potro wore was actually from the Federer collection (ha). Also spotted while on the site: some good Federer tees. Maybe I needed something tennis-y in my closet? Because I like to sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve, the “Love Roger” tee for women could work, but I’m more inclined to favor the mens’ “Advantage Federer” one. I had to also look into the shoes worn by rising teen star Melanie Oudin, whose pink and yellow Adidas sneakers were customized with the word “Believe,” but I cannot settle on what my own shoe should say (and I’m not so sure of the colors). Finally, I went to Etsy, where I found a cute vintage visor to help me proudly proclaim my love of the game.

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