Tip: Stand Up Straight!

At one of Rebecca’s “Surf Like A Girl” days, where she teaches women to surf during a morning session, Peggy Hall was there to warm up the new surfer girls with stretches on the beach. Then I began practicing with Hall’s series of “Yoga For Surfers” DVDs (fyi, her yoga DVDs are good for anyone, not just surfers) and she’s offered us a lot of good tips to us. (A tip from Peggy on our website on stretch for paddling.)

In the last year, I began to experience back pain and a chiropractor pointed out what should have been obvious to me: I had terrible posture and years of slouching had hurt me. What could I do? More yoga and learn— finally—how to stand up straight. Pushing shoulders back? Not right. Seems like it should be simple, right? Those who practice yoga know how it’s done. Check out Hall’s video clip on perfect posture. I’m practicing….—Stef McDonald