Apple Pie Bites

When making pie crust for apple pie (every Thanksgiving), I trim a bit of the extra dough around the edge to form into a heart to place on top. For the pie I made yesterday, there was enough for the heart and also for extra treats. I didn’t want to waste the dough and the gooey goodness that was left in the bowl used for the apple mixture, so I improvised by making some apple pie bites. First I pressed the leftover dough into cookie-sized pieces. Then I took an apple slice and dipped it in the coating from the bowl, placed the slice in the center of a dough piece, and folded it over. I placed them in the oven with the pie and baked for about 40 minutes. Because my mom insists that we wait to cut the pie until after Thanksgiving dinner, this gave us a chance to preview it and curb the temptation to cut into the pie anyway. Yum.