Soda Can Chicken on the Grill

Mr. MVP gives a spin to the traditional “beer can chicken” recipe by using a ginger ale can instead of beer. We also pour out half the soda to make room for sprigs of fresh herbs from the garden. (One time we went for a real ginger kick and added fresh chopped ginger to the can.)

The chicken we get comes from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market — organic and free range from a Santa Barbara farm.

The bird is salted and chilled a few hours, then brought to room temperature before it’s placed on the can and seasoned with spices (paprika, cumin, chili powder).

Finally, it’s grilled to perfection on the Weber (with 100% natural hard wood charcoal briquettes) over direct heat. Juices are captured in the pie pan and then reduced in a sauce pan on the stove with some of the skin for a little drizzle on the chicken when it’s served. Yum.

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