Commercial Rewrites: Lebron James Nike Ad

When I see a commercial that annoys me and am out of reach of the remote control, I talk back to the TV–usually by rewriting the lines in the script and talking over the actors. I make myself laugh and notice Mr. MVP often grinning (or shaking his head in disbelief). So, for kicks, Iโ€™m going to start publishing my commercial rewrites when Iโ€™m inspired (short versions on Twitter, longer ones on the blog).

My imagined rewrite of the Lebron James in the Nike commercial:
“What should I do? Maybe I should shut up, cause I’m tired of hearing myself talk. Maybe you are, too! Maybe I should exercise some control of my ego. Maybe I should play great basketball instead of talking about how I play great basketball. Maybe, just maybe I should play. Just play.”

(Shorter version on Twitter.)


One thought on “Commercial Rewrites: Lebron James Nike Ad

  1. I just saw that commercial for the first time and it drove me crazy! I thought I was having some kind of horrible hallucination because I couldn't believe it was real.

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