Memory Lane: Coach’s Lessons


I had the voice of my high school track and cross country coach, Frank LaBianca, in my head today. This is always a good thing. Coach was also the school’s print shop teacher and he printed pearls of wisdom for us on cards (like the one above). These are wallet-sized, but Coach also printed banners and posted them on the walls of the print shop, where we held team meetings. The one I memorized was a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that began, “Far better is it to dare mighty things….” I remember surprising him one day by finishing the quote for him when he began it. (I still know it by heart.)

2 Replies to “Memory Lane: Coach’s Lessons”

  1. Stef, thanks for posting, it brings back so many memories of a good part of my life. Coach was a good man and was a great support for me through high school. Made me believe in myself. I still think of him and his lessons to this day.

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