Memory Lane: Coach’s Lessons


I had the voice of my high school track and cross country coach, Frank LaBianca, in my head today. This is always a good thing. Coach was also the school’s print shop teacher and he printed pearls of wisdom for us on cards (like the one above). These are wallet-sized, but Coach also printed banners and posted them on the walls of the print shop, where we held team meetings. The one I memorized was a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that began, “Far better is it to dare mighty things….” I remember surprising him one day by finishing the quote for him when he began it. (I still know it by heart.)


  1. Stef, thanks for posting, it brings back so many memories of a good part of my life. Coach was a good man and was a great support for me through high school. Made me believe in myself. I still think of him and his lessons to this day.

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