Free to Paint Nails

It’s impossible to place a value on the amazing lessons I learned from “Free to Be You and Me,” the Marlo Thomas and Friends album (and book and TV specials) from the ’70s. The songs were catchy and funny and I didn’t even know that I was being taught lessons about individuality, freedom, tolerance, acceptance, and love. (Side note: When I worked at TV Guide, I had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas for the 25h anniversary of the project. It felt a little like speaking to a rock star.) “Free to Be You and Me” came to mind when reading the outrageous report about a Fox News correspondent who objected on air to the innocent image a boy with nail polish on the J.Crew website. That correspondent should listen to “William Wants a Doll” (video above).

About the polish: I only wish J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons used a less toxic nail polish for her son’s toes. Safer brands of polish, with fewer toxic chemicals, can be found on the Skin Deep website.

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