Drink Recipe: Hibiscus Green Tea

This drink is simple to make and tastes crisp and refreshing. I made a large batch for a Cinco de Mayo celebration (turning in into a hibiscus green tea margarita with a splash of tequila and a lime slice and adding hibiscus tea ice cubes), but you can also make a single or small serving easily.

The hibiscus tea isn’t really tea; it’s an infusion made by simmering dried hibiscus flowers in a pot of water for about 10 minutes. (I get the dried flowers from my favorite specialty food shop in LA, Surfas). Without sweetener, the hibiscus tea is super-tart, similar to cranberry juice. To make the tea, I blend 1/3 green tea with 2/3 hibiscus tea, let it cool, then sweeten it to taste with agave syrup. Yum.