Recipe: Chicken Tortilla Soup with Lime

There’s a delicious chicken tortilla soup at a favorite local restaurant, Tlapazola Grill in Venice. What makes their soup so special is in the name; it’s listed on the menu as lemon chicken tortilla soup (and they’re generous with the lemon juice). We tried it at home with leftover chicken and used fresh lime juice.

For our version of chicken tortilla soup with lime:

Add leftover chicken to a simmering pot of homemade chicken-vegetable stock, with roughly chopped celery, carrots, and fennel. Simmer until vegetables are softened but still firm. Before serving, add the juice of one or two limes and chopped avocado, then finish with broken tortilla chips. Optional: Add queso fresco (i.e. Mexican cheese) and cilantro. Serve and enjoy.