Wearing Love of NY Around My Neck

I may not live there anymore, but I still love NY. And this particular day has become one filled with memories. I found this subway token in my NY apartment when workers came to fix a hole in the ceiling that poked through to the roof (another story for another day involves firefighters and a wobbly fire escape and my fear of heights). The token almost escaped my notice; it was tarnished and dropped down with broken bits of plaster and glass from a skylight that was hidden by a landlord who had no idea that tenants like me would pay more rent for such details as tin ceilings, skylights, and claw foot bathtubs. This particular token was in use before my subway-riding days and I have come to imagine it belonged to a young woman who dropped it out her purse or pocket while taking in the view of the city while on the building’s roof. She might have been up there to cool off on an oppressive summer night. Or maybe she was bundled up in winter, cheered by the holiday lights on the church across the street. When I lived there, you could see the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the Twin Towers from the roof. Then, the view suddenly became less spectacular. Now I wear the token on a gold chain whenever I feel far away from the city I once called home.

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