Love and Good Food

“Food is love” was something my grandmother liked to say (before, after, or during meals). I think she would have liked this message as well. Photo taken at Oscar’s Cerveteca in Venice Beach, CA.

Skateboard Bag Holder

I love a bar that has a hook for a lady to hang her handbag. At the Venice Beach Ale House, they have recycled skateboard wheels. Here’s my vintage Coach hobo (a recent thrift store find).

Recipe: Chicken Tortilla Soup with Lime

There’s a delicious chicken tortilla soup at a favorite local restaurant, Tlapazola Grill in Venice. What makes their soup so special is in the name; it’s listed on the menu as lemon chicken tortilla soup (and they’re generous with the lemon juice). We tried it at home with leftover chicken and used fresh lime juice.

For our version of chicken tortilla soup with lime:

Add leftover chicken to a simmering pot of homemade chicken-vegetable stock, with roughly chopped celery, carrots, and fennel. Simmer until vegetables are softened but still firm. Before serving, add the juice of one or two limes and chopped avocado, then finish with broken tortilla chips. Optional: Add queso fresco (i.e. Mexican cheese) and cilantro. Serve and enjoy.

Style Souvenir: Strawberry Bag

New regular feature I’ll be posting about style souvenirs…

This is Maggie from Venice, whom I encountered on a sunny Saturday, wearing a whimsical wool strawberry bag. When I complimented her on the bag, she thanked me and added, “I got it in Indonesia, at a strawberry farm.”

Fine Feathered Trend

Here’s a vendor selling feather jewelry on the boardwalk in Venice—a sure sign that a trend has hit the mainstream (and maybe already peaked?). It’s another ’80s style comeback and I like this one a whole lot more than the return of the scrunchie. When I was a teen, wearing feathers in your hair was all the rage and we wore colorful dyed ones attached to roach clips. (Because I was a good girl, I had no idea about the more common use of a roach clip—neither did my grandmother when she bought it for me at a shop in the mall.) The one I had for my hair was lavender and I clipped it behind my ear so that it peaked out from underneath my permed curls. Now I’m less inclined to wear actual feathers but am still drawn to the feather motif and found some cute handmade and vintage items on Etsy from fellow sellers on the EcoEtsy team to make a “Birds of a feather…” treasury.

Eyes Everywhere

JR, the artist awarded the TED prize for his photographic murals, left his mark in my neighborhood last week with a close-up of a man’s piercing eyes. Yesterday, I saw a guy wearing a shirt with a print of the classic cover of “The Great Gatsby.” This morning, NY magazine’s “The Cut” blog posted a fashion week shot of a runway model with a Man Ray eye hat. Just purchased from Etsy: this milagro eye charm, said to offer protection from the evil eye. I’ll attach it to a necklace or bracelet.