Halloween Treat: Mallomar Lollipop

Every fall, a package arrives on my doorstep from New York — sent by my mom — and it contains a box (or two or three) of Mallomars. It’s always a good day. The cookie is not sold during the hot and muggy summer months and I’ve discovered it’s hard to find the cookies at all in Southern California. Mallomars are like the cookie version of s’mores: marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker. Yum, yum, yum. I have not attempted to create my own version of the cookie yet, but I’m going to start with a Mallomar lollipop (pictured). This delicious bite-sized confection came in a package of chocolate treats that was sent to the office this week and I’m going to try my own version for a Halloween party this weekend. Pre-making them like this, I’ll call it a Mallomar Lollipop. If I bring out the fondue set for guests to make them to order so they’re warm and gooey, they’ll be S’more Lollipops.

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